REALSHXT ft. Nate Greyski

from by STEF.

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Artist: STEFisDOPE / Nate Greyski
Producer: Suede Moccasins
Album: 1988
Song: 9 of 9
Year: 2014


In a world full of the fake shit you gotta keep it real
They gon' hate on you regardless you already know the deal
I just wanted money I ain't really wanna rap
But I started rhyming 'cause most these pussy niggas was wack
Fuck these rappers, fuck these bloggers, & fuck all these other niggas too
But I'm a rapper a blogger and just nigga who
Did it for the love of the music
Now I gotta deal with all these fuck niggas & losers
But it's cool though, 'cause I'm gettin' money and I ain't got no worries
But it's funny how I be eatin’ but manage to stay hungry
I'm smarter than these niggas, mama ain't raise no dummy
And you actin’ hard when really we know you sweeter than honey
Yo I'm bout to change the world on some trill shit
Ain't got bodies unless its pussy 'cause I kills it
But I got some niggas that pull triggers & get ill quick
‘Cause I ain't no killa but don't push me & that's real shit

Real shit, all we talkin’ ‘bout is real shit
Real shit, all we fuckin’ with is real shit
I keep it real, so fuck how you feel bitch
I'm way too real motherfuck how you feel bitch

[VERSE 2: Nate Greyski]
I'm rapping living the pot life
Plotting living the rap life
Puffing pot out a bag pipe I'm from the hardknocks in my past life
RVA on the south side pulled snatch-&-runs when I was about 9
Threw rocks at the onetime got my hair braided at lunchtime
In Africa it was apartheid In America we was online
My OG he told me the new world would try to mold me
A new bitch would try to own me every buck ain't for the homies
He leaned back while he rolled trees in the fronta leaf on his new Caprice
That was back in '96 currently I got currency in my writing fist
I ain't writing this im reciting this for my nigga Chris
UPTOWN on my belly bitch that pussy soft like a jellyfish
All this gold I'm pharaoh-ing this shit smack like heroin
Rap game the new dope game I'm on zigzags and the O.E.
A sixteen like a QP every weekend is a movie
Doobies with cuties get nudey.the blacker the berry the bigger the booty
Some of the beauties carry the cooties pearling a loosey loading a Uzi
Space in the clip popping this shit


from 1988, released December 19, 2014



all rights reserved



There aren’t many entertainers as charismatic as STEFisDOPE. He was born in Jamaica & raised in South Florida, so that’s allowed him to see the beauty of life on a tropical island, the struggle of the third world, as well as the pursuit of the American Dream. His sound reflects just that. Whether rhyming with Hip-Hop lyricism or reflecting his Jamaican roots, he’s right at home. ... more

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