Sept. 30th

from by STEF.

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Artist: STEFisDOPE
Album: 1988
Song: 1 of 9
Year: 2014


Born to flex like my Pops was a body builder
Try my niggas & they'll prolly kill ya
But if you keepin' it real then we might probably feel ya
But if you’re claiming that you’re ill know I'm probably iller
You see i once had an epiphany
I'm extra chill when I smoke & got the piff in me
But see, I messed around & let you niggas think that we was the same
But I'm a motherfucking G & most you niggas is lame
So you could, pray for the best, but prepare for the worst
Hesitate to pull the trigger so I'm hittin you first
Might rock skinny jeans but you niggas is skirts
Plus the way that I be swaggin’ bet your bitches'll flirt
I ain't nothin’ like you niggas, that's why you don't like me
I'm here forever like curry stains on white tees
I used to be the lil nigga rockin’ white Rees
Now I got so many kicks Mike wanna be like me, nigga
& that's Jordan or Jackson
Get it how you live through the rap or the trap sun
Pussies gon’ hate that's a natural reaction
They really love you though, they just scared that could pass ‘em right
& maybe even scared you'll leave em behind
So they choose to hate on you instead of get on they grind
Niggas start to feel entitled now they wanting what's mine
I got the 45 hope you cats livin’ with 9
I'm just living for my fam & shit
& real niggas in my crew that hold me down & shit
You see my niggas all kings got crowns & shit
That's why you see all these queens steady surrounding us
That simply means that I'm fucking with the royalty
My circle tight them other niggas too disloyal, b
The fly shit that I be rocking man you oughta see
I ball out in Georgetown like a Hoya G
You know it's me when you see me in the spot
Real niggas gimme props & all the bad bitches panties, drop I got em hot (uh)
Day in the life of the DOPEGOD
That's why they call me STEFisDOPE 'cause it's clear to see I'm dope dog
Way doper than these rappin’ ass niggas
Dumb dickridin’ swagjackin’ ass niggas
Bummy no money bandwagon ass niggas
Me I got that glow Last Dragon ass nigga (uh)
Bruce Leroy, & none of you niggas fuckin’ with me
Sho-Nuff you ninjas can't even kick it with me
You all mad 'cause on Twitter I don't follow ya
Chill out bro, ya momma should've swallowed ya
I can't deal with these niggas emotions
Look I gotta keep it pimping 'cause these niggas is hoein’ yup
No love for the simping & the sucker shit
Haters get a 4th of a bar 'cause they could suck a dick


from 1988, released December 19, 2014



all rights reserved



There aren’t many entertainers as charismatic as STEFisDOPE. He was born in Jamaica & raised in South Florida, so that’s allowed him to see the beauty of life on a tropical island, the struggle of the third world, as well as the pursuit of the American Dream. His sound reflects just that. Whether rhyming with Hip-Hop lyricism or reflecting his Jamaican roots, he’s right at home. ... more

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